Chinese public holidays

Year 2015 (Goat):

January 1st

February 19th

April 5th

May 1st

June 20th

September 27th

October 1st

New Year's Day

Spring Festival

Qingming Festival

Labour Day

Dragon Boat Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival

National Day

From Jan 1st to 3rd

From Feb 19th to 25th

From Apr  4th to 6th

From May 1st to 3rd

From Jun 20th to 22nd

From Sept 26th to 28th

From Oct 1st to 7th

The dates above show the days when activities are closed. In the first column the exact date of the holiday. In the third column the festive days around the holiday.

Some companies and public institutions can decide diverse closing periods from those listed above. It is recommended to check in advance.

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